Privacy Policy

Kaga Micro Solution Policy Concerning Private Information

At Kaga Micro Solution Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kaga Micro Solution), we respect the right to privacy of the customers who use our products and services, and of those who view this website.
Kaga Micro Solution bases the use of any personal information provided by customers or other individuals on the interests of those customers and individuals, and this is the principle applied when we ask for personal information on this website in regard to enquiries, catalogue requests, user registration and the like.

When customers provide personal information such as their name, address, telephone number or email address, Kaga Micro Solution may use that information to, for example, reply to enquiries, respond to requests or inform customers about new products or services.

Protection and Management of Personal Information

Kaga Micro Solution uses the personal information provided by customers only for fulfilling our contractual obligations to customers, for developing improved products and services, for providing customers with useful information and other such appropriate purposes. Access to databases and other such sources of personal information is restricted to designated persons, and strict control is applied to prevent improper use within the company.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Kaga Micro Solution will not disclose the personal information provided by customers to any third party, except in the following cases.

Use of Cookies

The Kaga Micro Solution website may employ elements known as cookies.
A cookie is a text file saved via the viewer's web browser that stores user information for the purpose of providing appropriate content to customers. A web browser offers users the options of allowing or rejecting cookies, or of presenting a warning message when a cookie is about to be sent. Note that cookies are not used to collect the personal information of customers.

Caution Regarding Outside Links

The Kaga Micro Solution website contains links to websites outside the control of Kaga Micro Solution; Kaga Micro Solution is not responsible for the privacy handling standards or content of these external sites.

Modification of Privacy Policy

Kaga Micro Solution may modify its website privacy policy without prior notice; when deciding to make such a change, notification shall be made by revising this Privacy Policy to reflect the change. Please confirm the latest version regularly to be aware of updated content.