A bright and compact projector for all-around use that can be mounted or placed on a tabletop. PH Series

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PH Series

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Dramatically improved colour reproduction

Projectors using conventional DLP® technology generally employ a four-segment colour wheel (RGB+W). BrilliantColor™ adopts a six-colour wheel, and TAXAN adds C (Cyan) and Y (Yellow), which are used as primary colours in printing. This broader colour range enables far more realistic colour reproduction, especially of yellow and light blue hues.

2008: TAXAN adopts BrilliantColor(TM) across its entire range of new products, for the ultimate in colour reproduction.
This figure shows the colour gamut when conventional DLPR and BrilliantColor(TM) technologies are combined. Reproduction is notably improved in the yellow and aqua ranges.


Choice of colour balance best suited to the purpose

The PH Series offers a wide choice of software-based colour modes. Each mode is achieved by adjusting the illumination on different segments of the colour wheel (Variable Illumination). Users can choose the optimal colour balance for each particular purpose.

BrilliantColor(TM) 6 Colour Processing Wheel

The PH Series is equipped with a mode-selection feature that works by changing the balance of illumination directed at each colour wheel segment. In "Presentation mode", brightness is enhanced by emphasizing RGB segments, while in "Graphics mode" the Y and C segments are highlighted to emphasize colour reproduction. These and other colour modes can be selected for different kinds of presentation situations.

Standard mode. Well-balanced colour reproduction suitable for all kinds of situations.
Graphics mode.With excellent reproduction of yellows and blues, this mode is best for scenic photos.
Presentation mode.Choose this mode for presentations featuring figures and graphs, or when in brightly lit rooms.
Movie mode. Motion-filled presentations are shown with full cinematic impact.

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WXGA Resolution (KG-PH1002WX)

The projector supports WXGA (1,280×800 pixels) input and the widescreen aspect ratio increasingly used in today’s TV broadcasts and by modern personal computer screens. It offers approximately 1.3 times the display area of a conventional XGA projector and better utilizes wall space in rooms with low ceilings. High-definition images and the option of a split-screen display of the widescreen, make the projector ideal for applications such as video conferencing and allow you to put together a truly advanced system.

Networked Control

In order to be of more convenient use in the work environment, Taxan PH series projectors have both networking and remote control features. The RJ45 jack and wired LAN functionality make it possible to perform a variety of operations indirectly, including power on/off, brightness adjustment, contrast adjustment, video-source and sound-mute, etc.

Networked Control

Multiple Interfaces for Extensive Connectivity

Multiple Interfaces for Extensive Connectivity

Connection Options

Input: DVI-I, mini D-sub 15-pin, HDMI, component, S-Video, composite
Output: Mini D-sub 15-pin, DC 12 V (screen trigger function)


Audio output (variable) are provided, allowing you to change the volume of the external speakers by adjusting the projector’s volume level.

Direct power on/off

Turn the projector power on and off from the main power switch in the installation location.
The projector can be powered on (off) by plugging it in to (unplugging it from) an AC outlet. If the projector is suspended from the ceiling, it can be powered on and off by using the associated circuit breaker switch, rather than using the remote control.

Linked screen trigger function

Ideal for use with large motorized screens!
The screen trigger (DC12V) enables automatic raising and lowering of a motorized screen when the projector is powered on and off. This is ideal for venues with large motorized screens such as conference rooms. (Note: Some motorized screens may not support the screen trigger function.)

Remote control mouse

Ideal for presentations!
The included remote control can also be used to perform mouse operations on a PC, such as switching to the next slide in a PowerPoint presentation. This makes it easy to deliver presentations in venues such as lecture halls or conference rooms without the need to operate the PC separately.

Wall color compensation

Ideal for indoor or outdoor use when no screen is available!
This function delivers color reproduction very similar to that projected on a white surface, even when a colored wall or blackboard is used in place of a screen.

Wall color compensation

Easy lamp replacement

Lamp replacement is easy even in ceiling mounted installations!
Since the lamp can be accessed from the top of the projector, anyone can replace the lamp very easily, whether the projector is on a desktop or mounted on the ceiling. (To open the lamp cover, remove the screws on the rear panel and press the button on the front panel.)

Easy lamp replacement

High-definition connection options

HDMI connector for transferring both high-quality images and audio from digital RGB devices!
In addition to personal computers, a wide variety of digital RGB devices can be connected to the projector via an HDMI terminal, including Blu-ray disc players and game consoles. This expands the scope of possible applications for the projector considerably. The projector also supports HDCP copyright protection technology, which prevents unauthorized copying of content.


DVI-I connector for clear image reproduction!
The DVI-I digital interface terminal supports fully digital connections to the projector for clear images with no distortion. HDCP is also supported.


Connect video and audio components to the projector!
Component input (Y, Pb/Cb, Pr/Cr) enable the connection of video components with excellent picture quality.

Suitable for mounting or desktop placement!

High-definition connection options

Advanced features utilizing Wired LAN (RJ45)

Automatically receive projector status reports by e-mail!
This feature automatically sends a message to the preset e-mail address when an event such as a burned out lamp or a product failure occurs. The notification e-mail is sent automatically, allowing rapid response in case of a problem.


Control and manage the projector from a Web browser via a LAN link!
The projector can be controlled and its operating status monitored remotely using a standard Web browser running on a personal computer linked to a LAN to which the projector is also connected. It is also possible to manage multiple projectors connected to a single network. This functionality enables centralized control via a network or using a control panel.

Advanced features utilizing Wired LAN (RJ45)

Other special functions!

Adjust the fan speed to match the usage environment!
The cooling mode function ensures stable operation in warm usage environments or at high elevations (1,500 to 3,000 meters above sea level).

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